Pieter De Buysser – The Tip of the Tongue


The writer, philosopher, director and performer Pieter De Buysser is creating a performance for the Planetarium. A philanthropist endowed with immense faith in progress and a speech defect undertakes to build a spacecraft. The story traverses a pronounced curve in space-time, a little girl tired of the Messiah and a lost detective who no one is looking for anymore. A portable particle accelerator, whirlpools in the China Sea, a dozen nebulous spirals and a majestic black hole gradually increase the tension… Because, fabulous as they might be, all the elements in this planetary show are inspired by today’s political and scientific reality. The Tip of the Tongue is an exploration of borders for nationalists, a local geography lesson for cosmopolitans and a cosmology lecture for pioneers of a new image of the world.

Premiere: 6 May, 2017 Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Thereafter: 7 & 8 May, 2017 Planetarium Brussel, ihkv het Kunstenfestivaldesarts

Eric Joris and CREW – Celestial Bodies. An embodied Orrery

Eric Joris and CREW will install a ‘motion-capture studio’ in the “Garden of Sciences” to explore and develop new layers to the immersive performance Celestial Bodies. An embodied Orrery. A public presentation will be held in the afternoon on the 8th of December, providing a possibility to explore and gain a better understanding of the universe we live in through interaction and embodiment.

Date: 6 – 8 December 2016
Location: Jardin des Sciences, Strasbourg

Eric Joris and CREW – Celestial Bodies. An embodied Orrery

At the closing event of an interdisciplinary project that brings artists, directors, historians of theater and science and professionals of scientific and technical culture together, the public is invited to participate in a unique and experimental performance at the Imaginarium in Tourcoing, presenting the first results of their work.

The artistic company  CREW offers an insight into its immersive future-oriented performance Celestial Bodies. An embodied Orrery.

Date: 16-17 December 2015
Location: Imaginarium, Tourcoing

Eric Joris and CREW – Celestial Bodies. An embodied Orrery

Demonstration of the first version of the virtual planetarium by Eric Joris and CREW.

Date: 20-21 February 2015
Location: Brussels